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Same Day Culinary Tour

Duration:One Day

Group Size: 4 persons (min.)

Food Type:

3-4 Indian snacks samosa, pakoda (with different fillings)

1-2 Desserts:  halwa and/or Kheer
2 lentils  dishes
2 vegetables (seasonal)
Rice/Jeera/ BiryaniPulaav
Roti and Paranthaa(Indian breads)
Drink: Lassi (Sweet, Salty or flavored) or AamPanna       

Tour Attraction

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Our same day culinary tour is the best way to explore and learn special Indian dishes with experienced chefs who will make you learn some exotic dishes for a perfect Indian platter. The learning experience is going to be fun filled activity as you will uncover the stories behind the origination of these dishes and its heritage roots with the particular place.

This package is completely suggestive and starting from number of days to the number of dishes you can let us know your concern and we will serve you to the best of experience. Taste of India spices when combined with traditional India dishes comes up an unmatched experience to immerse yourself in feel of city and its food

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