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Heritage Walk Tour Udaipur

Udaipur is the romantic town of Rajasthan.It is also known as the “Venic of India” and “Lake city” of India.

During this heritage walk tour over experience guide will show you the real Udaipur for which the tourist comes to here.   

During this Heritage walk you will explore the most beautiful streetis  and the most Romantic sites of Udaipur.Our guide will also show you the local market where you can see the local life . You can meet with local residents and create different jewellary, meet artisans engaged in pottery and bamboo crafts. Popular legends, heritage and life of this beautiful city, to learn about religious beliefs.

This tour is led by our experienced “City Explorers” who have excelent knoledge of the  history and passion is infectious. 

Tour Attraction

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Heritage Walk Udaipur Tour Itinerary 


This tour is divided into two optional parts .You can select any of them .

(1)             City walk tour

time: 07:00 to 12:00 & 04:00 to 06:00

(2)             Sight Seeing tour

(1)             City walk tour

       Starting Point: Gangaur Ghat

       Ending Point: Clock Tower

Our guide will take you for this private Heritage walk tour.This tour will start from the Gangaur Ghat at Lake Pichola.Here you will visit many ghats and Jagdish Temple.Also Visit a ancient step well which were once used for Drinking water by the locals . From the clock   tower move ahead toward the silver and gold workers. You will see live making of ornaments .

After this we will move towords the beautifel streets of the city. Here you will see the people   live work at their workshop artist of paintings, potteries Making, traditional hand work and life of udaipur locals and authentic way to feel lake City.

Shoe Bazar is also an interesting place in this city where you can see traditional embroidery shoes also called Jutties.

Our next destination will be local vegetable market.Here you will see the local life of the people.This is not a tourist place but you can experience the regular life  during the Heritage Walk Tour.

In this vegetable market you will see the ladies are sitting around bamboo baskets . These baskets are normaly used to show the fresh vegetables.

You will also visit Grain market ,Spice market,grocery shop,milk shop, tea shop,  local beauty product  shops and many more  during this tour.

 (2)Sight Seeing Tour

During this sightseeing tour we will cover most of the tourist places of old city which includes Lake Pichola ,Heritage Buildings,Jagdish Temple , Bagour Ki Haveli , Gangaur Ghat, City Palace of udaipur from inside includes all museum and palaces of  main place.



·       Monument entery fee

·       Transport during the walk

·       Our expert


·       Personal expenses

·       Accomodation

·       Food

·       Drinks


What to Wear:

1.appropriate dress and foot wear for walking.

2.walk on left side  watch the surface , low doors, animals cow mist.

3. follow the advise of guide for photography.

 4. apply sun cream 

Cost:As per request

Ask for a Personalized