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Akal Wood Fossil Park

The Fossial park will take you about 180 millions years ago of the Jaisalmer History . Hear you will get a chance to see the fossils of  wood which was submerged in the sea.

This park is the perfect destination for the tourists who wants to know the history Jaisalmer which is the part of Thar Desert . Akal wood fossil park is the best proof to tell the history of Jaisalmer .This park is located  17 Kilometers far from the main Jaisalmer City  near the Akal  Village on at the Barmer  Road N.H 15. This fossil park containing fossils about 180 millions ago.  Some of these fossils include the remains of a forest which was submerged in the sea.  This park is also known as the Akal fossial  Park This park is similar to the prehtoric  Jurassic era. This park is spread in 10sq. Km area and  consists of 25 petrified  tree trunks. 21 hectare of area is preserved for this fossil park  which contains many fossil wood  logs lying horizontally  in random orientation . The longest specimen is 13.4 m x 0.9 m. The fossils are of petrophyllum, ptyllophyllum, equisetitis species and dicotyledonous wood and gastropod shells of Lower Jurassic period. 

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