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Helping Hand Tour to Jaipur

Duration:     1 Day*

Group:4 members*

Activities:    Helping in kitchen, sanitation, interaction with people to listen to their problems and finding solution, enjoying dance and music with them, event planning*

*Can be modified as per your requirement to best suit your requirement and budget

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No service or task in this world can reach above the service of mankind. If you are the one who feel happiness in helping those who are in need, if you want to do something to get away their pain, if you are the core believer of equality and service of those aresuffering Vintage Heritage Walk is the right place to get in touch with theta segment of the city where you can live the happiness by getting associated with such person who look forward to people like you.

Jaipur’s culture and history is full of generous and kind people who devoted their lifetime in service of that part of community who are deprived of equality and in need of a dignified life. And continuing that legacy we strongly believe in serving to those with the help of those who really feel attached with this emotion of humanity and want to do something with their own efforts to bring smile on those barren faces.

In the volunteering tour to Jaipur we will take you to those NGO’s, communities, places and societies  who are dedicatedly working day and night in serving to this part of society.

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