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Food from Rajasthan is admired because of its fine taste for spices and their accurate use. Range of variety is exotic and can never be forgotten in lifetime.


What and Where to Eat in Jaipur



MawaKachori is a sweet form of Kachori generally prepared and associated with spicy and sour taste. This can be best enjoyed with a saffron flavored sugar juice at food joints like LMB or Rawat Sweets.

Dal BatiChurma

ChokhiDhani is the best place to enjoy core Rajasthani food Dal BatiChurma served directly from raw kitchen arrangements immersed in sweet, sour and spicy flavors for a never like before taste.

Rajasthani Sabzi

RajasthaniSabzi is the one prepared from Rajasthani kitchen stands out from other seasonal and other vegetable as they were prepared since time immemorial keeping in mind the geographical conditions which is still inherited in the heritage culinary practice.