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Jaipur Heritage And Culture


Vintage Heritage Walk feels immense pleasure in introducing its exceptional heritage to its visitors to make them aware regarding those facts and stories associated with this pride land so that it can be best ensured in the interest of society and world at large that heritage is not only well preserved but also getting promoted with the visit of dignitaries around the world.


Heritage & Culture of Jaipur


Forts and Palaces

Forts of Rajasthan are amongst one of the finest forts on India which are the real evidence of resonating exuberance. Vintage Heritage Walk in its forts tour plan includes visit of all the exotic forts and palaces of Jaipur. They belong to the time when Jaipur was in its inception form and Rajputana Rulers gave an adorable look to this by beautifying it with amazing forts and palaces.

Art and Architecture

Rajputana Architecture style has some unique style that can be evidently found in the carving on domes, pillars, lotus and floral patterns on the pillars and domes, stone inlay filigree work and arched and all similar yet distinguished lattice work is a major contributing point in forming it’s a unique heritage symbolizing the finest taste & love towards art of the ear lived once on this proud land.

Streets of Jaipur

Walled area of Jaipur is painted in pink be it shops, parkota&baramdeor the giant gates like Sanaganeri Gate and Chandpole Gate. This tour is the perfect way to roam around this medieval city which has hospitable culture as inbuilt part of its heritage.