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Jaipur Heritage Walk


Jaipur Walk tour is about exploring the least discovered and discovered places which exist since the establishment of Jaipur. We will take you to the tour of various parts of Jaipur which are of special interestbecause of the stories attached with their existence.


Places to be covered


AnantBhagwanka Mandir

This temple is dedicated to various Hindu Gods where several statues of idols are places inside the temple and this temple is 250 years old.

SanghiJi- Jain Temple

The Jain Temples are famous worldwide for its intrinsic art work and dexterous work of artists. This temple belonging to 17th century is decorated with Kundan work of its inside walls

New Gate

The city plan of Pink City was designed very carefully with experienced and vintage architectures who constructed eight gates to enter the city, the New Gate is the eighth gate which is adjacently opposite to RamniwasBagh.

ThatheronKa Rasta

In olden days of the Jaipur city every part of the city was inhibited by a particular community exclusively engaged in inherited work from their ancestors. This street in Jaipur is inhibited by the community of utensil makers who are actively engaged in making brass utensils.