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Shopping In Jaipur



Shopping hunch in Jaipur is the most sought after things as the artifacts and handicrafts items from Jaipur have a distinguished niche in international market. With Vintage Heritage Walk you can buy those exotic items which will make you remind of visiting this place once more.


Market places to cover


Johri Bazaar

This market as the very name suggest exclusively deals with exotic varieties of finest gems and jewelry meant for accessorize and decorative purpose.

Bapu Bazaar

This market is considered best for shopping of designer clothing, leather shoes, handbags and other accessories.

Tripolia Bazaar

This market has mixed variety of items like utensils, home decorative items, trinkets manufactured mostly in the side lanes of the market.

MI Road

MI Road is the main hub for brand oriented shopping where all leading brands has their showrooms offering vivid variety starting from garments to shoes.